Support Sumatran Rhino Conservation with a 2013 Rhino Calendar

Sumatran rhino Andatu is featured on the cover of the 2013 Rhino Conservation Calendar. Image courtesy of Sara Wunder Steward

The International Rhino Keeper Association (IRKA) and the International Rhino Foundation (IRF) have produced a gorgeous 2013 Rhino Conservation Calendar, featuring photos submitted by rhino supporters from around the world.

Update: CALENDARS ARE SOLD OUT! Thank you for supporting Sumatran rhino conservation.

Sale proceeds from the 2013 Rhino Conservation Calendar will assist the Rhino Foundation of Indonesia (Yayasan Badak Indonesia or YABI). YABI oversees the management of the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS), a captive breeding program on the island of Sumatra.

New hope for the survival of Sumatran rhinos arrived at the Sanctuary on June 23rd, 2012, with the birth of Andatu. With fewer than 200 Sumatran rhinos surviving in Indonesia and Malaysia, this monumental event is one of the most significant advances in the ex situ conservation effort for this critically endangered species.

The 2013 Rhino Conservation Calendar features photos submitted by rhino supporters around the world. Image courtesy of Sara Wunder Steward.

The calendars are $26 each (including shipping) with all proceeds going towards covering the core costs of the SRS:

  • Staff salaries
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Veterinary supplies
  • Non-browse nutritional supplements
  • Facility maintenance

If you are interested in purchasing a calendar to help support the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, please visit or email IRKACalendar [at] gmail [dot] com.

Update: CALENDARS ARE SOLD OUT! Thank you for supporting Sumatran rhino conservation.

Source: Sara Wunder Steward, IRKA



Rhishja Cota-Larson

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