Colbert Comments on Controversial Black Rhino Hunt: The Word — ‘Philantrophy’

The Word - Philantrophy. Screenshot via Colbert Nation
The Word – Philantrophy. Screenshot via Colbert Nation

Political satirist Stephen Colbert has weighed in on the Dallas Safari Club’s plan to save critically endangered black rhinos by killing one in Namibia.

Colbert skewers the trophy hunt with The Word — Philantrophy. “One organization is using the free market to create proper incentives for doing the right thing”, he says. “Best of all, the more you shoot it, the rarer it gets.”

The segment closes with Colbert firing this final shot:

“You know what nonprofit organization could really use this kind of fundraising technique? The Dallas Safari Club. I say we just auction off a chance to hunt one member. I mean, they’ll understand.”

Watch and enjoy:

Read the Dallas Safari Club press release on “AmmoLand“.



Rhishja Cota-Larson

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