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Central Africa

UN: Wildlife Trafficking Threatens ‘Peace and Security’ in Central Africa

UN Secretary Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warns that wildlife trafficking, particularly the illicit ivory trade, “constitutes a grave menace to sustainable peace and security” in Central Africa. In his report to the UN Security Council, the Secretary-General writes that ivory obtained from the massacre of elephants may be “an important source of funding for armed groups, including LRA” (Lord&
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Chad: Troops Called In, Elephant Slaughter Continues

The President of Chad has reportedly sent armed forces into the region where at least 30 elephants were slaughtered last week — but the action has not yet stopped the killing. 200 soldiers in helicopters and pickup trucks were dispatched to the Mayo Lemie – Chari Baguirmi area, according to Dr. Laurel Neme on Investigators are also in the process of determining if this atrocity is linked to
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Report: Asian, African Countries Failing to Control Illegal Wildlife Trade

A “wildlife crime scorecard” released by WWF reveals that laws prohibiting commercial trade in rhinos, tigers, and elephants remain poorly enforced throughout Asia and Africa. 23 range, transit, and consumer countries from Asia and Africa were selected for the study, which evaluates the progress made since CoP15 in 2010, regarding illegal trade in ivory, rhino horn and tiger parts. Countries were given &#
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Central African Countries Reach Agreement to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade

The ten member states of the Central African Forests Commission (COMIFAC) have approved an unprecedented agreement to strengthen law enforcement efforts against rampant wildlife trafficking which is plaguing the region. Prompted by the recent massacre of hundreds of elephants in Cameroon’s Bouba N’Djida National Park, wildlife ministers from the COMIFAC countries have pledged to undertake new levels of cooperat
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